Change: Take the good, lose the bad

Hope and Vote to Change

Growing up in Pahokee, a small city in Western Palm Beach County, with nearly eight thousand residents. The people was proud and full of life. While people with jobs did not earn salaries like middle class earners today, more people had jobs and there own place to live. Today, our communities are faced with homelessness, a lack of jobs, substance abuse and violence without cause. I had a wonderful childhood. I recall having lots of friends and everyone in the community getting along without the drama of guns and gang violence. Parents could leave the kids home alone for a while with the knowledge that elders in the community would keep them in line. However, all is not lost. We can return to better days by voting smarter and holding those responsible for social services and benefits accountable. While the community had issues

Changes from the past to present

From the past to right now the family values have changed. Back then the community raised us. People used to watch the kids. Athletics have decreased.

Good and Bad

Growing up round violence. Family Orientation around the community and motivation.

Old school

The police said he grew up in clewston he said it was great they helped one another when you get into trouble from with your neighbor you get in trouble at home

Forever Service

Growing UP and being reared by my grandmother. She exposed us to numerous things.


Seeing kids in a wheelchair while young.


Once I seen somebody fall out. many walked by but it was one group that stopped to help.

Up from the muck

I was an escort for the elite community club. It had a huge impact on me to be connected with the community.