Charity or Justice: Systems that are fair and just

A different kind of year

The year 2020 will definitely be one to remember. So much happened and so many life lessons were learned. I personally have learned to appreciate life way more. I don’t take anything for granted anymore. We lost so many people this year and lived in a way that we’ve only seen in movies.

#2020 #covid-19

In 2020 coronavirus cases went up I even know someone personally that tested positive for corona.

Starting My Business

2020 has allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and start my business so that I have multiple streams of income

Covid-19 (Story #66)

Personal experience from covid-19 was my senior year was canceled. Things was going so well and all of a sudden the world shut down.

Stay woke

I believe that 2020 was planned and everything that is going on nobody has any care for the poor. Its just the beginning wait until they start trying to inject us

#14 (Story #53)

Mary jane planter is an 85 year old working at bethesda east in the cafeteria. She enjoys spending time with her son and his planter feels that the injustice seen all around the united states is a disregard for human life. No wonder,people are marchung and singing they have every right to…This is bad!


One of the most tragic and scary is the fact that we cannot visit loved ones. Loved ones that are in hospitals dying,dis-eased and families that cannot lay their eyes on those that are hospitalized.


I am ginger colebrooks,the oldest of sister of two(2). My younger sister,juanita,lives in miami,florida. On june 29.2020,she underwent a major surgical procedure. She is a cognitive impaired person. The fact,that she was hospitalized and she was literally turned over to the hospital without her immediate family close by . This left me heart-broken. I anxiously wait to skype with her soon. She is now in a rehabilitation facility for two(2) weeks.this is something that i never want to witness ever again!


I’ve learned that life can be changed in the blank of an eye. I’ve learned to use community resources such as the city bus and food drives to help save money in order to pay bills. Utilizing the food drives also allowed me to help family who were laid off during this hard time.