Community: Belle Glade

It Gets Better Later

The corona virus has impacted my life by ruining my senior year i couldn’t really enjoy school for the remaining of the year we didn’t have no senior prom , grad bash , And most importantly not even graduation. Corona virus even killed one of my close friend mom it was a devastating moment because it came out of no where and it was to late to even cherish the last moment we had with her . It continues to impact my life because the world has been caged in and it’s like you can’t enjoy life no more .

Tree Stump to a Palm Tree

Coronavirus has made a drastic effect on my life but I won’t allow it to defeat me. Earlier this year, I was overjoyed with the news of becoming a father. With my hands tied with school, college requirements, also football workouts; I knew I hand to make a stand for what was to come “my unborn child” . Sacrificing my studying and mental relaxation time, I went out to find a job. When sudden pandemic changes came into affect, I was devastated. My job shut us out and we didn’t know what day we would return. With little to no resources here in the glades area, My mind began to overfill with survival thoughts and what to do next. I began to pray and recite the many attributes I’ve carried with me all my life. “What god has for me, it is for me.”, “Just have faith the size of a mustard seed.” As the days went by, I spent my free time learning more about myself, like finding talents I didn’t know I had. Hidden talents including hydro dipping shoes and drawing custom pictures on pants. My talent not only became a small hustle for me but I was doing something I love. Social distancing has been hard for me because I am a social person and love hanging out with friends. Despite the many changes the pandemic has caused, I’m still standing tall and try to accomplish nothing less than greatness .

Corona (Story #910)

Hello my name is Michelle Rhoden since Corona had came along I had been forced to leave my job to watch my grand baby my husband work all day and he manage to pay all bills for the house due to me having no income coming in I have a hard time paying for things that we need for the house baby clothes and diapers. I would love to be able to help my husband out for our household I have no help from my daughter what’s so ever.

Keeping my daddy safe..

I missed 3 weeks of work when it first started because of all the uncertainties. My father has severe asthma. He is also COPD. I care for him and was afraid I would catch it and bring it to him. He is already having a difficult time. My daughter is also asthmatic.I work as a transit driver for mentally and physically disabled individuals. Its impossible to not come in contact with them. Some dont understand that they must wear a mask and constantly takes it off. I transport individuals in wheelchairs and on walkers who need my hands on assistance.

1 (Story #879)

It has impacted me in ways of not able to work, due to no school so therefore no one to keep my son while i work.

1 (Story #671)

I can’t go to work, in able to visit my friends or family. When I go to the supermarket prices are higher than normal. A lot of items are unavailable in the stores and on line.BS2020AC

Each other

If you could look at these last two months you could tell he been out rages run over coronavirus has been hitting hard and many people has been dying a lot of people has been in the hospital and a lot of people also recovered from corona I truly believe that this virus is a big impact and what do you learn from us has been about 2018 to 2020 has been crazy and I feel as if this virus is held his name I would like my community to reach out to each other about quarantine in quarantine in the right way because we get our slow down this virus get a hairline get a blessing in all protect each other

Recovery (Story #654)

I truly believe that the government has a curve in a faster way of quarantining but they just want to tell us macaroni to be in my city is so small I think that this outbreak is causing a big impact in my community and we has worn out we are really not quarantining right way and people are losing their jobs money being lost and people are praying on the government stimulus chats I feel as if we need to come together as a community to talk over things and try to have a better way of quarantining because with his lawnmower cases I don’t see us going either longer with the things we are doing


Coronavirus has taken a toll of the whole entire world things are being shut down it kind of miss has been losing money government has been sending out stimulus chats I truly believe that we are in this war zone – dad is going down in history and what is being said I hope I make it to my family has been doing good quarantine thing has been going to right way I truly hope that in a couple months we all look outside and look at what has been in the past and how quarantine has been delivering us from catching the coronavirus this outbreak has been lasting for over 2 1/2 months and I truly believe that if you keep going to spread and then a government should have found a solution