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Starting My Business

2020 has allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and start my business so that I have multiple streams of income

The Helper Needs Help

For me COVID-19 has been one of those life events that creeps in slowly, unaware of the toll it will take until the damage has been done. I am one of those people that looks out for others and takes care of everyone else before I take care of myself. This global pandemic has taught me that behaviors like that take the largest toll because you don’t see the consequences until they’re upon you. In March, at the beginning of quarantine my first priority were my mom & my son. My son was quarantined at home with me and my mother lives across the street. She’s 77 years old, a 2 time cancer survivor that’s on chemo meds that have her immune system compromised. She still works as a hairdresser but my brother and I made the decision to isolate her for her safety. We also decided to take over her household expenses so that she wouldn’t be worried about rushing back to her salon which was ordered closed anyway. Shortly after that, in early April, I took in a former student that was home from college for quarantine and has a strained relationship with her mother. It didn’t take long before I saw a significant increase in my household expenses; utilities & groceries increased greatly. Then, from the additional wear & tear, household items began to give out. First my mother’s air conditioner, then my own. Next a water pipe exploded in my mother’s bathroom causing a flood and her refrigerator conked out too. My brother was soon unable to contribute anymore as his car and his wife’s care needed major repairs. I still didn’t worry as I was on top of all those additional expenses at first but then they just continued to mount month after month. I asked for a reprieve from my mortgage company but by the time the was period was finished, the expenses had piled up and my savings had been depleted. So fast forward to now, I’m currently behind on my mortgage for the month of August ($1280) and it’s time to pay September’s mortgage too. I have a past due FPL bill in the amount of $743.37 as I have only been paying the past due amount to keep afloat. I realize that there are so many others that are struggling out there but I too have found myself in the position of hardship. I hesitated to even submit this story but I figured it may resonate with someone else out there that is the helper who needs help during these very trying times.

Trusting God through it all.

Corona virus has impacted my life for the bad as well as the good. I’ve been out of work twice and hours have been cut. Me being a felon makes it even harder due to jobs being limited which had me wondering how would I pay bills and take care of my responsibilities. Now I’m witnessing my little cousin who has asthma suffer greatly which is hurting my heart. Despite the bad that has occurred the one good thing that has happened to me, is me witnessing how good God is. He has shown me all I ever have to do is trust in Him and He will provide and make ways for me when all else seems impossible. I also was able to reevaluate myself with the time I had when I wasn’t working. I’ve made some changes that were needed and was unaware I even had. I’ve Had time to focus on my organization I plan on starting and was even able to do a lot of work around the house I normally wouldn’t have time for. Its scary with all those going on, anything can happen anytime to anyone but God is good and able.

Covid 19 impact

Corona virus impacted my life in a major way , 38 weeks pregnant and had no idea I was a victim ! I went to the hospital because of Severe cramps to the stomach and body Aches I knew something wasn’t right ! I got admitted to labor and delivery after 13 hours of waiting still not knowing what’s wrong but my baby was not accelerating at the correct pace even more nervous I contact my children father because now I feel alone and helpless telling him to pack his bag and the things we will need for the baby. Being that no one is allow to be with you in labor and delivery until your covid 19 test results come back. The nurse called my name and said can you please but your mask all the way on your face, I was a little bother and asked did you get my results and she stated yes and you are positive . Tears rolled down my face thinking how I’m so careful all I can think of is giving birth without the father being present my child being took from me immediately after birth as the nurse tell me everything to expect. I was then induced in labor for 16 hours alone in a room no one really wanted to walk in because I had covid 19 could not hold my child, my body started regressing due to stress not knowing if I will be able to come home having a 102 fever body aches restricted to a room alone. I had to fight ! I took honey and lemon, hot tea, hot soup I turned down anything cold, moved around the room as much as I can until I broke my fever and was released. having to stay away from my kids Hurt me more than anything. But I stand with you guys. Covid 19 is no joke and a lot of people don’t know that they have been in contact nor have the virus so please stay safe.

Live in the present!

Never take life for granted. 2020 changed drastically within a month, due to Covid 19.

My Strength

It was scary not knowing how we would take care of and provide for our families. Especially when not all creditors were willing to work with you. Going from consistent financial means to zero so fast was alarming to say the least. It shocked us. Our family became homeless and divided up and living in separate places which was extremely tough for all us and praying and hoping we were safe and not exposed to viruses of any sort actually. It weighed on us emotionally financially mentally, etc. Not having the means and not knowing when or what you were able to do was extremely frustrating for us. Family or friends that were affected and not all of them made it through and not being able to be there for them or help them or just so they knew that they were not alone was tough. I’m still healing from the trauma it’s caused however I’m hopeful and I thank GOD for making ways for us when we saw no way out. For being our strength for giving us peace for comforting us. I’m truly grateful for that! Thanks for allowing us to share our story.

Life During Covid19

The corona virus has financially impacted my family. Throughout the course of Covid19, I’ve spent a very large amount of money in continuing hopes of feeding my family at home and making sure that they’re clothes are clean. Due to stock markets failing and stores running out of certain products, it is difficult to get certain things such as cleaning products, toilet paper, paper towel, etc. Many people are also making sure that they’re supporting their loved ones, so they’re buying so much things leaving almost none for the next person. It’s also been a really tough time for me due to the fact that I go to work earlier than I usually do. Before the pandemic occurred, I would normally go to work at 3:00 in the afternoon, but now I have to go to work at around 6:00 in the morning. Because of this, it’s typically challenging to prepare a meal for my family, before I leave. My family is at the top of my priority list, even though these times are hard, I need to ensure that I’m doing whatever I can.

Story #630

The coronavirus has impacted my life in many ways. It has taken the life of my loved ones in Switzerland, Italy and England. Due to the distance between my family members, it made it even harder to support each other during this time.At the same time, my family in Florida have been in the midst of moving during this pandemic, which affected my classwork and mental health.