Concern: Being alone

Starting My Business

2020 has allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and start my business so that I have multiple streams of income

Covid 19 impact

Corona virus impacted my life in a major way , 38 weeks pregnant and had no idea I was a victim ! I went to the hospital because of Severe cramps to the stomach and body Aches I knew something wasn’t right ! I got admitted to labor and delivery after 13 hours of waiting still not knowing what’s wrong but my baby was not accelerating at the correct pace even more nervous I contact my children father because now I feel alone and helpless telling him to pack his bag and the things we will need for the baby. Being that no one is allow to be with you in labor and delivery until your covid 19 test results come back. The nurse called my name and said can you please but your mask all the way on your face, I was a little bother and asked did you get my results and she stated yes and you are positive . Tears rolled down my face thinking how I’m so careful all I can think of is giving birth without the father being present my child being took from me immediately after birth as the nurse tell me everything to expect. I was then induced in labor for 16 hours alone in a room no one really wanted to walk in because I had covid 19 could not hold my child, my body started regressing due to stress not knowing if I will be able to come home having a 102 fever body aches restricted to a room alone. I had to fight ! I took honey and lemon, hot tea, hot soup I turned down anything cold, moved around the room as much as I can until I broke my fever and was released. having to stay away from my kids Hurt me more than anything. But I stand with you guys. Covid 19 is no joke and a lot of people don’t know that they have been in contact nor have the virus so please stay safe.


You can be up today and down tomorrow don’t take life for granted.

Tree Stump to a Palm Tree

Coronavirus has made a drastic effect on my life but I won’t allow it to defeat me. Earlier this year, I was overjoyed with the news of becoming a father. With my hands tied with school, college requirements, also football workouts; I knew I hand to make a stand for what was to come “my unborn child” . Sacrificing my studying and mental relaxation time, I went out to find a job. When sudden pandemic changes came into affect, I was devastated. My job shut us out and we didn’t know what day we would return. With little to no resources here in the glades area, My mind began to overfill with survival thoughts and what to do next. I began to pray and recite the many attributes I’ve carried with me all my life. “What god has for me, it is for me.”, “Just have faith the size of a mustard seed.” As the days went by, I spent my free time learning more about myself, like finding talents I didn’t know I had. Hidden talents including hydro dipping shoes and drawing custom pictures on pants. My talent not only became a small hustle for me but I was doing something I love. Social distancing has been hard for me because I am a social person and love hanging out with friends. Despite the many changes the pandemic has caused, I’m still standing tall and try to accomplish nothing less than greatness .

No Title

The pandemic caused me to lose my job and cause me to have depression and anxiety. Being alone is one of the things I do not like about the pandemic. I like being around people because that was one of the ways I copped with my anxiety and depression. I would say that it has gotten worse since the lock-down started.

# 37 Staying Out of the Vius Way

Mrs Beulah Hunt is 85 years young. She has had bouts will some serious health concerns. Mrs Beulah has a strong will which keeps her afloat.Boynton Beach has been her home her entire life..She says that she is staying out of the way of the virus. Ms Beulah only goes out as needed.Where she worship has not opened its doors yet and she saysthat’s fine!There is a need for assistance with Electric and Water.

# 38 Mrs Green Says She Is Doing Her

Mrs Clara Green has been widowed for 35 years young. She has a vibrancy that will knock you off your feet! Mrs Green says that she is Doing Her at 76 years young! The Leadership opened the community too soon. And things are getting worse. Just take a look at Boynton beach a designated HOTSPOT!My advice is the Leadership should have allowed things to cool down.It is keeping the death toll on the rise.She has acquired a brand new lexus and she hasn’t driven it far at all, call her for a ride!Mrs Green has been widowed 35 years.


Ms. Kayleen Marti lives in Boynton Beach. She is 37 years old. Kayleen has a 2 year old son. He is very active.Ms Marti takes care of her older her neighbors.Kayleen is a graduate of FCC in cosmetology. She hasn’t taken the licensed yet.Ms Marti says she doesn’t have adequate childcare.She earns extra money by cleaning others homes on Monday and Friday. Ms Marti is very conscientious of the pandemic and she pratice social distancing.Kayleen Marti needs assistance with her ELECTRIC and WATER.

# 32 Mrs Moody Is 90 Years Young

Ms Moody id suffering with the onset of a cognitive impairment. She lives alone. And solely depends on the neighborhood and her church to get by. Ms Moody is 90 years young. She loves asisiting with Senior and Church gatherings.You can see her riding around her community on her scoote dsily as well as going to the local store.The pandemic she says stays its distance from her.Please assist this 90 year old jewel with Electric and Water.

# 34

Ms Carmen Cirillo is a 74 years young who is fluent in Spanish .However, She can communicate in English. Ms carmen has spent the last 17 years caring for her son’s daughter (17) and son(15).This has come to a halt with her 17 year old Granddaughter. The Granddaughter is expecting baby number 2 January 2021. She has an 18 month old. All though, they spent alot of time at Ms Carmen’s home. The Granddaughter and baby(18mos) live with the expectant Father.Ms Carmen goes grocery shopping once a month and anything else she needs her older daughter will get it for her. MS CIRILLO SAYS SHE HAS ADJUSTED TO THIS VIRUS BUT DOES KNOW HOW LONG.