Emotional tone: Strongly negative


As a black male i have definitely felt over powdered by the system even though i was a good kid i was stereotyped because i had dreads


Covid-19 affected my life by causing me to have a virtual graduation and have my football season end on the wrong foot. Because of this pandemic, I was not working out with my workout partner in the gym. It also scared me of my grand-parents life since they are in the age range.

Heart breaking effect

Well as an African America young woman i find it very heartbreaking to see our brothers and sisters hurt in such a tragic way.

No Title

The pandemic caused me to lose my job and cause me to have depression and anxiety. Being alone is one of the things I do not like about the pandemic. I like being around people because that was one of the ways I copped with my anxiety and depression. I would say that it has gotten worse since the lock-down started.


THe virus cause something I love to be taken away from me, football. Its starting to get hard training for something that might not happen. It caused a little depression.


This virus has been nothing but trouble. It seems like i can’t get nothing right in life at the moment. But i’ll keep on praying and have faith it’s going to get better

Sorry for everyone’s loss

I really don’t care about it as long as my family is good, I quit football so like it don’t effect me in that way anymore but it sucks that people have died from it

Corona suck but social injustice is worse

Sadly corona is the last thing I am worried about right now with all this social injustice going on in the world, all 50 states are protesting literally and no one is worried about corona


Corona virus has helped me more than hurt me, my body gets to heal I’ve had a lingering shoulder injury so now I get to let that heal. I am sad that I can’t be at school around all my teammates and friends but I hope we get a cure and they don’t cancel the football season nor push it back

Life gone

This corona bull made me not be able to haves graduation also I wasn’t able to participate in a pro day I feel like this had ruined my life literally