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The Times

Ive witnessed several events throughout 2020 that will forever be in or memories. Between the Pandemic and the Police murders of unarmed black men and civilians, it a lot to deal with and understand. I think what will help future generations is us explaining to them the past the present and get them to understand what it takes to make change in the future. We all learn from experiences and I think it teaches the younger generation to get and be more involved and active, i think they will understand better how to speak up for what they feel is right and act to make change in their communities rather than in the past just talking about it behind closed doors. I think that future generations will be more health conscience and aware of illnesses and disease and how they can effect the body. I think we need to explain the importance of healthcare more to the younger generations to let them understand what it takes to maintain a healthy body and a strong immune system to fight of disease.

Heart breaking effect

Well as an African America young woman i find it very heartbreaking to see our brothers and sisters hurt in such a tragic way.

Not sure where It comes from

Paula was born and raised in Boynton Beach 63 years ago.on July 6….It is so ironic that her youngest grandchild was a born on this very same day almost 3 years ago. Paula believes that everyone should be tested. My sister and her daughter have been hospitalized for the virus.It is a sad situation because my sister has just be approved to become a kidney transplant recipient.Not sure,if this virus is man-made or where it comes from and how many actually have it.Paula ahs been referred to CDC Faith Based for Electric bill assistance.

#8 I’m not scared…Just be smart…Don’t ignore it!

In 2013,Mr& Mrs Cotant moved to Boynton Beach from Winters in Vermont. It was January 27,2020,that Pam’s husband transitioned. This has left an everlasting void in her life after 27 years of marriage.Pam says she has takes the COVID19 serious especiallu after watching the nightly news. She does not frequent any stores (shops on- line at Walmart).just the post office where I only drop letters.Late in the afternoons ,I spend time on my patio with a couple of friends.I keep myself occupied with Tai Chi (zooming through the Area Agency). In talking with my adult son, his friends have lost grandparents.And my neighbors have lost long time friends. She doesn’t take Trump seriously The election is not coming soon enough!! However, We must be mindful of always wearing a mask in public places as so many Asian countires have used this technique to keep the virus away. I am not scared ….Just be smart…don’t ignore it!


Donald is also a native to Boynton Beach. And all of his siblings live in the city( a party of 5).The virus really shook me up .you need a mask everytime to dart the door. There is no cure in sight and once there is it will need to be tested. How long? This virus reminds me of the escription from the Bible of Leprosy. PEOPLE ARE AFRAID TO COME AROUND EACH OTHER.You have to look at it like everyone has it.Donald says he is 62 years of age and lost a decent paying job. And my savings is taking a hit! T! Imagine the people who were just told to leave due to the virus and needed every dime to live in the NOW!I need monies for rent and water. Still awaiting a word from DEO.

I’m talking about essential paces not the beach!

Ms Earlina Hollis has been a native of Boynton Beach for the past 71 years. She is the 4th oldest of 13 siblings. Her mother,Eva Hollis 96 , also lives in Boynton Beach. Ms Earlina, quickly stated, that they are opening up too soon and my fear is that the virus will come back with a vengeance!I don’t own a car and I walk to my Mom’s every morning to prepare her breakfast. This corona virus is very serious, We must give it time to heal. Get out when you need to and do not go anywhere if you don’t need, I’m talking about essential places not the beach! We,all know,someone who has died from this corona virus! Ms Hollis could certainly use a bike! Maybe even a three wheel cycle.


Juanita Marshall grew up in Delray Beach and moved to Boynton Beach appx. 5 years ago. She appears to have missed her belated Mother enormously. She has two sons that live with her . One son,Chris has been diagnosed with a mental health diagnosis. He oldest son, Todd ,has gotten a full-time with WM after he worked faithfully for years at a temp agency. This has helped lessen the families financial burdens. It was years ago, that we assisted this family with furnishings,towels and bed sheets after they were infested with bedbugs. The bedbugs started as, Chris,the younger son, would cipher through trash piles in the neighborhood bringing items home. to decorate his room. The rental apartment has two bedrooms. Juanita has some issues of her own. She doesn’t socialize ever. So the virus has been nothing out of the norm except attending Church. Referred to FSF,

Family time (Story #734)

The Corona virus has gave me an opportunity to work from home, this time has let me spend more time with my family.

My New Pass Time

Have found myself using much of the spare time cutting out patterns to make masks.