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Getting to the point, Mr Drayton lost his job during the height of this epidemic(April 3rd last day). His job of 7 years emerged with another company,. He had been promised an employment opportunity with the new company but to no avail. I was shocked to learn at the last minute/day,I wasn’t going to be hired. Now, I work 4 hrs per day Mon-Fri at the local church that my daughter and I attend/participate. The church is helping by giving me these 20 hours a week. I am a Single Parent of a 16 year old daughter. Her name is Bianca.She is an honor student with intentions of matriculating at an HBCU upon graduating with the class of 2022. She boasts an GPA of 3.80. I have had custody of my daughter since she was three. I need help with my $1350.00 a month lease!

Community (Story #606)

Coronavirus has put a major impact on my community people are losing jobs stem of this chat is not helping a lot of people are not in control of their homes at the moment I believe that this quarantining thing need to show a better improvement around my community we we still have a large number of cases in the area and we just trying to figure out a better solution I think we should all come together as one and try to help think of a better way


The virus has affected me in many ways. I have to get used to a new way of life. Working from home. Wearing masks everywhere I go. Wearing gloves to pump gas. Not being able to shop or eat in restaurants without worrying about whose by me. Not being able to cough in public without everyone looking at me crazy. The new norm is difficult to adapt to. It’s a learning process. But I understand that it’s all for our safety.


I was released from my university and forced to obtain a full time night shift job. I got this job because my mother need assistance with my other 5 siblings who had also been released from their educational institutions. It is unfair, and uncomfortable to not be able to receive my education anymore.

Covid Change

I now have to teach my students through virtual schooling. I miss being with them and seeing them daily.


I can’t go nowhere and I have to Be in the house all day.


I have learned how too take one day at a time. To love and appreciate your family and friends because tomorrow is not promised to any of us. Grateful too still be employed and recieving a paycheck.


Coronavirus continues to impact my life due to the schools being closed down, as well as the colleges. I am an Academic Tutor as well as an Afterschool Counselor, when the schools closed down the pay stopped due to not clocking in as I would before the pandemic. It’s hard to get help with online courses for me because I have multiple questions that I feel need face to face answers, but I still try to do it to my best ability because this is what I have to work with for now. It sucks because you never realize how much you miss something until missing it is your only option.


My immediate family has been impacted financially across the board. As of yet, we have not suffered any sickness from the pandemic. I really miss seeing and hugging family members. We video chat frequently but it’s nowhere near the same. My hours were greatly affected at my job. And because of the uncertainty of when I would work next, I had to scurry around to come up with another solution to try and stay afloat money wise . That, along with being a full time mother of a 7 year old with autism who I now have to do distant learning with, has been really tough. I am trying to maintain a positive mindset and my sanity but it is truly difficult. It has been a scary ordeal for me, not so much due to the actual virus, but for the panic/fear surrounding it from others. Im not a homebody so as a person who is used to going places, being hunkered down for this time actually made me appreciate time I get out to go to work.

I’m Trying Times Don’t Quit Trying

In everything give thanks. I am at risk because of my age and thank god not because I have a medical conditions. One thing I miss is going out to dinner. I ate out at least 3 times a week. I also miss the children at the school where I volunteer. Now, I will share a story. The following week after the Pandemic started there were 3 little boys that knocked on my door this was around 8:30 pm on a Thursday night and asked if I would give them some food. I recognized them from the community but I was not familiar with the family. I gave the little boys a bag of chips, a pack of cookies and a sip up. (I have grands). The boys started coming 3 to 4 times a week I decided to ask for their parents phone number. I introduced myself. The parents were very grateful. Now, I have adopted 6 snack recipients . I am so happy with the gift god has given to me to serve children.This to shall pass and I will continue to serve. There is a reason and a season for everything. Thank you