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The disaster of coronavirus

It has canceled my graduation, grad bash, prom. Instead of going to school, we have to do virtual school. I can’t go outside as usual, I can’t go anywhere unless I’m wearing a mask, and staying 6 feet apart from people. Every object or anything I touch I need to wash my hands

Surviving corona

Coronavirus has impacted my life in so many ways. Like having to work from home & only working 20 hrs a week.


They way corona virus has impacted my life is by making it hard to purchase things to put in my household for my brothers and sisters to eat.

Mother prayers

Hello my name is Rita brown Smith the virus impacted my mother funeral with no family could come see her laid so beautiful to rest as she fought for her life 97 years on this earth lord knows I miss my mother


Soon as I started my own business the virus has impacted my bills less money less items I can purchase I’m so use to hustling until the point the virus impacted everything

Daddy son

The Corona virus impacted my life also my son life . I really can’t even see my son because of this virus it’s stopping me from being a father that I want to be to my son and I can’t even see him I just pray and hope that he stayes safe like outch this really hurts me as a father

Mommy sorry

I have 5 kids I can’t get to see all of them due to the virus I work 24hrs everyday for security and 2 of my girl’s birthday coming up this month this would have been the perfect year I could have celebrated with them and it hurts them so bad that I can’t see them due to the virus ugh it’s sucks

Laid Off

The Caronavirus impacted my life by me not working. I’ve been paid off.

Grandma babies

By my grandma passing away and only could have 15 people to show up also we could only have the funeral at the viewing that was so sad only 15 people was allowed to come to the funeral