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My oldest son splits time between our house and his moms. He is at his moms and I go down to visit him once a week. We take a social distance walk around his neighborhood. We miss him and it’s hard not having him here some of the time.

Virus (Story #430)

The virus impacted my life by changing it totally. Right now, I am suppose to be in college taking classes. Instead I am at home talking online classes. My outside activities are limited because of the stay at home order the governor issued. The virus impacted my mood, I am getting more depressed when I am locked inside.


Cory 19 impact my life is that I’m home not working can I pay all my bills miss all my friends social distance miss my family so it’s a lot to deal with but you know we have to do what we have to do and make sure that we are safe

The end of the world (Story #415)

I’m a diabetic person I’m very scared but in the mane of Jesus this virus will go far away from me and my family. Now I seating every day no work no money , this virus arrives like Bigger storm No time to do nothing and save anything my biggest problem i got bill to pay .

Concern about the corona virus crisis

This crisis make us scare everyone. We are unable to hug friend and family. This crisis turn the world upside down no one knows when it’s going over

N/A (Story #416)

The Corona virus crisis make everyone scare of each other, now most people are unemployed with no income and unable to huge my friend and family. I pray that everything most gone so we can go to our normal life

Together Always

My wife, daughter and I spend more time together than ever. Reason being, is that we work together and now with the cancellation of school, my daughter spends the days at work with us. The coronavirus pandemic has not been all bad.

27 behind god

I was laid off from work, March 20th due to the covid 19. It’s been over a month out of work and I filed for unemployment. I haven’t received my taxes yet it’s a 6-9 week wait for that, and I haven’t got my stimulus check either. I have about $100 left to my name and I have a few bills due at the house to help out with my portion. Struggle to pay bills and keep food in the house, I take care of my mother because she’s partially blind, she’s get SSI every month but even with that and what I had left over we’re just hitting ends meet. My aunt got sick from the virus about 2 weeks ago and she’s an elderly lady 75 with heart condition, high blood pressure and diabetes. She’s not doing to well right now, what sucks the most is that if your family member gets sick you can’t even visit them. I pray every night that she fights the battle and come home to all of her family. I pray it’ll be over soon, I barely have groceries in the house to make food at night it’s a really big hassle right now. I’m not asking for too much but anything will help right now until my income tax comes in. This pandemic is messing up everything so far but I’m keeping hope and faith alive. I read my Bible every night before I lay to rest, praying for better days and praying that the world gets back normal.