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Serve to Fill

I have been very fortunate to still be able to receive an income throughout this trying time. It has definitely been difficult to not be with my students or visit my loved ones. My mother and boyfriend both work in the hospital so it’s a constant struggle when cleaning and worrying if I got everything clean enough and not making him feel alienated in the home. Wanting to give back as much as possible is my main concern. When I’m in service, I feel my most purposeful.


I haven’t worked in over a month. I stopped working on March the 13th. I am so used to going to work and now I’m not. Luckily I was able to pay all of the bills for April and March but God knows for May. I’ve been using this time to relax and brainstorm ideas for my business proposal. I’m working on my brand. This virus has given me a good time to do that. I am a busy body and I’m not used to being home and this is new for me and tiring and aggravating and overwhelming. I was doing the same thing everything (schedule). This is really new for me.

My struggle is real

I live in Delray Beach but I work in Boca Raton my job temporarily closed because of the Coronavirus pandemic.So I filed for unemployment it’s been 3 weeks now since I filed unemployment. Still no word from them. Still no stimulus check I check my bank account every morning. For a person who lives paycheck to paycheck how do you survive with no paycheck? This is not a choice this is just me trying to be the best person I can be. I’ve worked hard my whole life and now the reality hits. And everything I spent a lifetime working for I’m at risk of losing. It’s only been 4 weeks since I last worked but I already feel the pressure. I wonder what’s next what do I do next. Life was already a struggle before the Coronavirus. But the one thing I do know is that as long as God blesses me to wake up every morning I promise never to give up.

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As a single mother of 4 this virus have a big impact on my family and I’m sure that’s with everyone else as well, but with my children who have asthma it’s hard to tell them no they can’t go outside and play, or go to the store with me, with their learning disability they stuffing with their learning because I’m not specialized in that field, so I could only do what I can, but it’s frustrated when I can’t help them or can’t get in contact with their teacher’s right away, my job cut my hours but I’m grateful that I could still work when I can. I find myself getting more depress a lot because you don’t know what’s going to happen next. You go the store’s and can’t find what you looking for because everything is gone when you really need it the most.

Be aware

The way Corona virus is has affected my life is the last past month been very difficult because there’s nothing really open and you can’t really do anything.We pretty much are barricading indoors and I haven’t had anyone close to me affected with it but there are people out there who are and we need to take a situation like this very serious. We should actually listen to what they are telling us about washing your hands, stay indoors and wear a mask when you’re going out.

Best part of my day.

Where do I start! Almost every aspect of my life’s schedule has been altered. Monday-Friday had the same schedule- gym, get kids and self ready for school/work, drop them off and then head to work all before 7am. At 7:15am, Is my favorite part of the day- I had the privilege of opening the Village Academy’s secondary gates to greet the students. There I would receive smiles, hugs, fist bumps and many check in conversations. I miss the daily connection with my students. My students need it! Many come from homes where they are unable to form connections with their parents/families/siblings as they work long hours. Even though I was only out there for a short period of time in the mornings, I made sure to check in with as many students I could as possible. August 2020 cannot come fast enough!

Cant work ! Cant eat.

I cater for a distancing,has pretty much eliminated my ability to earn income to support my family.

More than a Virus

Covid-19 not only impacted my physical life but it took a toll on me mentally. Not being able to learn in person is making my grades suffer drastically. As someone who enjoys keeping busy so I don’t have the time to think about my problems. The staying at home order has made my anxiety 10 times worse. I have to face myself everyday And feel every ounce of my pain. Even when I tried to stay productive, I just don’t feel okay. My worry is how many are feeling this way. Most of us are not really worried about the Virus it’s our mental health that is at a higher risk.

Shifting for good.

This life altering event has already impacted my life in many ways. Some changes will have a short lifespan, while others will be part of my new norm. As a business owner, I have been hesitant to fully embrace the work from home model. My associates have always had the option, but I was strongly holding onto my office and my in-person meetings. Now I see that there is a better way. A more productive way that allows me to spend more time with my family and spend less time in a car contributing to traffic and pollution. My new norm will see me spending my mornings and late afternoons working from home like I do now – from the kitchen counter while my family is doing school work, playing or preparing their next meal. The bigger picture is what happens when millions of people do the same. Will we need as much office space? Will we need to spend tax dollars to incentivize corporate headquarters anymore? Maybe not. Maybe our energy, money and square footage can be shifted towards housing – much needed housing. This is the beginning of a future for me that will subtract office space and car miles from my footprint- while adding family time and productivity to my future. I think about what that means for our planet if I am only one of millions shifting their lifestyles for good.