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It Has Caused Me Not To Be Able To Work && Not Get Paid

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As a freshmen in college , corona virus has deeply impacted me . My classes are online and my grades are dropping due to the adjusting of it all .

#46 All of Sudden It came up in Our face

As for me and my house,we will adhere to all rules for the safety of our family. I don’t have the fellowship.socialize and attend events like I use to.It appears that all at once the Virus came up in our face.. This started and we just didn’t know all the details and still don’t !It will get better!God will carry us through and HE willshield and keep us!

the fear of life as we know it

The corona virus has made it difficult for myself and my family to stay calm simply because it’s changed the dynamic of life. My family members are older, which makes them more susceptible especially considering they have preexisting conditions. My great aunt, grandmother, mother and grandfather have all recently in some way fell ill. Although there are other forms of illness, the pandemic and lack of knowledge behind the coronavirus has instilled fear that any illness could be fatal. It makes my grandparents afraid to leave their homes, worry about their friends and family and it’s harder to find basic resources.


I work in assisted living facility as a dining services manager. I had flu like symptoms but was forced to stay home for two weeks without pay because of the threat of coronavirus. I am still grappling the effects of not working for two weeks.

The cornoa virus an unexpected life experience

The corona virus has impacted me because I have to stay in the house more and I am usually an outgoing person. Another way it has impacted me because I am unable to go to work, and I work in the cafeteria at a middle school. I am also having to babysit my 3 year old grand daughter because her daycare is closed.

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The corona virus has essentially ruined my senior year. It took away my opportunity to walk across the stage, attend my prom, and my senior trip. I also recently lost my job due to the corona virus as well.

Gratitude Amidst Chaos

As a State employee, it has been quite disorienting. I’ve begun working remotely, faced the stress of many technical issues while trying to process and respond to various incident reports of those with special needs – from covid-19 cases, deaths, elopements, behavior issues, and incidents that are unspeakable as well. Alone. No colleagues to turn around and vent to, a usually very accessible boss is now over her eyeballs with communications with State and Legislature officials. My church family as I affectionately call them, as they serve as a bigger support system than my blood family, we are no longer congregating in person. My parents lost their jobs so my mind is full of worry for their wellbeing. One of my best friends, a preschool teacher at our church… because her dad’s cancer is so aggressive now, the doctor has asked her to move out of her parents house immediately for at least 6 months. I feel helpless because my 450 sqft, one bedroom tiny house that I’m renting cannot accommodate. There’s also the issue of careless neighbors who party loudly all night because they’re out of work now as well. Still, through it all I am beyond grateful for my job, for my health, for enough provisions in my home, running water and power and wifi, for the company of my wonderful dog, and most of all for my God who gives me so much peace when I need it most and in the midst of chaos.

#48 Nothing is in our Hands

I am a cancer survivor. I also have respiratory concerns. I have learned during this pandemic to use technology to communicate with my Kingdom Hall family. I an using zoom and facetime . which makes me feel accomplished! The message is to continue to be obedient and working together with and friends, I am 75 yrs of age,I do need assistance with eye medication. I will make a referral for her at a local family owned pharmacy. Her food needs are being met by her sons.Lastly, she says,:Nothing is in our hands.