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#22 I Have Enough To Care For Me

This is the most cheery,vibrant 91 yr old ,I know… She only hangs around those who’s attitud e reflects her own..positive and meek. I am a social butterfly so I do miss going to brunch every Friday with my 5 girlfriends(who live on the other side of town) . Even though, she goes out everyday with friends to a commonplace called a greenspace she says she would become depressed if she could not go out daily. She refuses to not dance to her own beat! She has enough to care for herself. She never thought she would live this long being her Mother died at 58yrs old

Easter church service

Due to the corona virus they have shut down all the churches to practice social distancing . Today was easter and for the first time in my life I wasn’t able to go to church service.


The virus has impacted my life by not allowing me to go anywhere. I have things to do and was planning on moving to Gainesville but now its all on a stand still due to the fact that everyone has to stay home.


My daughter is a Nurse with the Health Department. She told me much earlier about there would be a demanding need for facial protection. I am a seamtress. It gives me great joy and peace ….making sure that all healthcare workers and those in the community are not exposed to the virus through facial masking. A strong enough effort should have been imposed for safety/protection sooner than Now! I have a cousin and her spouse living in Detriot who beat the Corona Virus. I am thankful!

Medical field

I work in the medical field and dealing with the corona virus has made my life very difficult these pass days. I work 12 hours a day at a nursing home making sure nobody is sick. Every day i am nervous about bringing any thing from work to my kids.

#18 The Great Unknown

Her favorite cousin’s husband transitioned at a Nursing Home in Chicago,ILL from the Corona Virus.The impact right now is extremely overwhelming for her. She is unable to see her 11 yr old and 13 yr old Grands. Her Son,who is unemployed, due to the Virus, Because,he is employed as an entertainer.This virus,she says, has changed her entire life! she is so baffled. This has so swiftly taken over our lives, It.s like a World War …The Great Unknown! So,she continues her gardening to attract the most beautiful Florida butterflies including my favorite,The Monarch. This is a hobby that keeps her mind geared to her strong Faith and Goodness! She is having a tough time with food. I have a someone who will assist her with food for the remainder of the month!

Stay in the house

Due to the virus i have to stay in the house like everyone should be doing. Im over 70 years old so its not safe to be out and about. I just hope these young folks listen and stay inside so it can go away fast.

#17 The people are being disobedient

The government has been leading the way. It is the citizens not using their common sense to adhere to the rules and laws of the land. The people are being disobedient. The church has been open exposing the elderly population to the virus. I have an aide that come to my home 4 days e week to continuously assist me with my personal

#16 No vaccine

It’s getting adjusted to staying home that bothers me .I go to the gym daily, enjoyed attending church and senior activites w/field trips. The lonliness is driving me crazy at 76 years of age.But it is for the safety and good of the community. The streets are empty and I love walking but I will remain safe in my house, The only place that I must go ; is to get grocery for only me. Florida is heavily populated with Seniors and the Governor should have made the rules more stricter sooner. Because,there is no vaccine.


I never thought that I would have to be in protective gear like gloves,facial covering to run to the grocery to pick-up a few items and to come home an cautiously take off all the clothing you wore to the grocery store and disinfect your car, home and more importantly your body after arriving back from the grocery or any place else. This is like a nightmare that could have been avoided by all leaders agreeing to freeze the movement of its people in a timely manner.