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In 2020 coronavirus cases went up I even know someone personally that tested positive for corona.

Starting My Business

2020 has allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and start my business so that I have multiple streams of income


What I witness is people who are truly in need and just being able to help out and give to others is just a blessing. You start realizing that your problem are nothing.


Cynthia davis is a 73 years old single woman. She lives with not being extremely mobile due to experiencing a stroke years ago. She manages with the assistance of family and neighbors. She says god shut the entire world down with covid19. That is because he’s a angry god.he wants everybody to listen to his spiritual guidance. As for me,i am content my monies are direct deposited,i have prepared meals and get to my doctor’s appointments when needed.


Continue to focus and Educate Yourself no matter how bad it may seem.


My Personsal experience after losing 100% of my small Fitness business, I intially started to shutdown and feel slightly depressed. After about 2 weeks of just sitting around the house doing nothing (except trying to apply for unemployment). and not going out. I knew that I could not continue on this path. I started reaching out to my contracted business partners offering to partner together to conduct online classes, with them as the financial supporter. At that time, I was familiar with ZOOM platform, but had not never created or hosted an event or meeting myself. I took time to get more familiar with the tool (as I knew it would need to become my new best friend).I invited some friends to take a TEST class to give constructive feedback and my new online business was birthed. I learned that Covid 19, although challenging, but not a hopeless time and that it is an opportunity for some to reinvent themselves virtually, if only for during Covid season!

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It has impacted me in ways of not able to work, due to no school so therefore no one to keep my son while i work.

A caring husband

In my story covid19 and my wife being diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian and colon cancer. With her not working and me unable to work due to Covid have placed us in a bind. Please assist

A husband needing assistance

Hello. My name is Leroy Merchant and I am a husband who’s wife (Fabiola) is currently battle a diagnosed of stage 4 ovarian and colon cancer and also raising two teenage boys. My mother suffered a stroke in June who also needs my help. Life took us for a ride back in October last year when my wife was diagnosed and my mother’s stroke. Then on March I became unemployed due to Covid19 and it has been a struggle not only before but became more in March, being home have giving me an opportunity to take care of my wife but right now we are struggling due to me not working. The bills are coming but unfortunately I’ve exhausted my checking and savings account. With my wife being out of work its been extremely hard. She started a new job and wasn’t there long enough to apply for unemployment. She applied for Social security benefits and was denied and trying to obtain assistance from the hospital seems to be going nowhere. At this time I am the only person who is able to take care of my wife and mom in regards to all hospital and Dr visits, she is currently getting treatments for chemo and that is weekly. During chemo she is extremely weak where I have to help her out of bed each morning, Assist with her daily meals, help with hygiene, prep and feed her all her meals etc.. Our teenage boys also help but its hard on them watching their mother struggle daily. I would love to work but unfortunately my place of employment is close until further notice. Please help us as we are two hard working people who is currently going through an extremely hard time. Thank you in advance for reading my story and hope we are able to get assistance.

My Strength

It was scary not knowing how we would take care of and provide for our families. Especially when not all creditors were willing to work with you. Going from consistent financial means to zero so fast was alarming to say the least. It shocked us. Our family became homeless and divided up and living in separate places which was extremely tough for all us and praying and hoping we were safe and not exposed to viruses of any sort actually. It weighed on us emotionally financially mentally, etc. Not having the means and not knowing when or what you were able to do was extremely frustrating for us. Family or friends that were affected and not all of them made it through and not being able to be there for them or help them or just so they knew that they were not alone was tough. I’m still healing from the trauma it’s caused however I’m hopeful and I thank GOD for making ways for us when we saw no way out. For being our strength for giving us peace for comforting us. I’m truly grateful for that! Thanks for allowing us to share our story.