My story shows we need to: Focus on the here and now

Struggling through the pandemic

My household is made up of my four children ages 11,8,4 and 7 month old along with my husband and I. I stay home to take care of the kids while my he works. My husband works in landscaping, but his hours have been shortened more and more due to the pandemic. This has left us unable to catch up or pay rent. He has been trying to find work and was able to work twenty three days but his boss did not pay him for the work he did so now we are six months behind in rent. This situation has also caused me to rely on the assistance of friends to help pay bills like my phone bill.

Keeping my daddy safe..

I missed 3 weeks of work when it first started because of all the uncertainties. My father has severe asthma. He is also COPD. I care for him and was afraid I would catch it and bring it to him. He is already having a difficult time. My daughter is also asthmatic.I work as a transit driver for mentally and physically disabled individuals. Its impossible to not come in contact with them. Some dont understand that they must wear a mask and constantly takes it off. I transport individuals in wheelchairs and on walkers who need my hands on assistance.

My Family and Our Health

The positive that came out of the pandemic was the family bonding I had with my 1, 2, and 17 year old kids. The negative thing that came out of the corona virus was unemployment, living paycheck to paycheck, no money coming in to support my family or provide decent safety for them. Unemployment is not enough to feed 6 people in the household. I am also a victim of unemployment, since most of all the schools are closed and am in fear of my safety of going out in the medical field.

Corona (Story #910)

Hello my name is Michelle Rhoden since Corona had came along I had been forced to leave my job to watch my grand baby my husband work all day and he manage to pay all bills for the house due to me having no income coming in I have a hard time paying for things that we need for the house baby clothes and diapers. I would love to be able to help my husband out for our household I have no help from my daughter what’s so ever.

surviving covid-19

The corona has impacted me and my family because my husband hours was cut less money coming in to help pay for bills and financial payments. I was also in school to get my high school diploma but due to the virus i needed to lay off from school

In need of help

I recently have been going through a lot I’m behind in my water bill I have 5 kids with me I been laid off of work and don’t have any income coming in.

A caring husband

In my story covid19 and my wife being diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian and colon cancer. With her not working and me unable to work due to Covid have placed us in a bind. Please assist

#who cares

First of all it’s frustrating being afraid to go outside. People are still not wearing masks. I try my best to make it back before 11:30 ,but I can’t do that with all this black lives matter stuff. People just don’t care anymore.

Life During Covid19

The corona virus has financially impacted my family. Throughout the course of Covid19, I’ve spent a very large amount of money in continuing hopes of feeding my family at home and making sure that they’re clothes are clean. Due to stock markets failing and stores running out of certain products, it is difficult to get certain things such as cleaning products, toilet paper, paper towel, etc. Many people are also making sure that they’re supporting their loved ones, so they’re buying so much things leaving almost none for the next person. It’s also been a really tough time for me due to the fact that I go to work earlier than I usually do. Before the pandemic occurred, I would normally go to work at 3:00 in the afternoon, but now I have to go to work at around 6:00 in the morning. Because of this, it’s typically challenging to prepare a meal for my family, before I leave. My family is at the top of my priority list, even though these times are hard, I need to ensure that I’m doing whatever I can.