Random Story from the COVID-19 Project

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Safer at home in Lovely Jupiter

Everyone is home. Normally a good thing but my boys would prefer to be in school (one in High School the other in college). It’s a challenge with the uncertainty of the future with AP and AICE exams cancelled. As well as SAT and ACT! But we are fortunate that my husband can do his job from home (and that he has a job!) and we have a pantry and fridge full of food. I’m immune compromised with a sore throat and cough so every time I cough (which is often), my husband worries. I am not worried as I don’t have a fever or pain. But I haven’t left the house (except to run) in three weeks! Thank goodness for C25K and Healthier Jupiter! You got me started so I can keep up outdoor activity and wave to neighbors (from a distance) while I’m out. We are fortunate to live in lovely Jupiter! Now if only I could find a washable wearable face mask…
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