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Covid 19 impact

Corona virus impacted my life in a major way , 38 weeks pregnant and had no idea I was a victim ! I went to the hospital because of Severe cramps to the stomach and body Aches I knew something wasn’t right ! I got admitted to labor and delivery after 13 hours of waiting still not knowing what’s wrong but my baby was not accelerating at the correct pace even more nervous I contact my children father because now I feel alone and helpless telling him to pack his bag and the things we will need for the baby. Being that no one is allow to be with you in labor and delivery until your covid 19 test results come back. The nurse called my name and said can you please but your mask all the way on your face, I was a little bother and asked did you get my results and she stated yes and you are positive . Tears rolled down my face thinking how I’m so careful all I can think of is giving birth without the father being present my child being took from me immediately after birth as the nurse tell me everything to expect. I was then induced in labor for 16 hours alone in a room no one really wanted to walk in because I had covid 19 could not hold my child, my body started regressing due to stress not knowing if I will be able to come home having a 102 fever body aches restricted to a room alone. I had to fight ! I took honey and lemon, hot tea, hot soup I turned down anything cold, moved around the room as much as I can until I broke my fever and was released. having to stay away from my kids Hurt me more than anything. But I stand with you guys. Covid 19 is no joke and a lot of people don’t know that they have been in contact nor have the virus so please stay safe.

Struggling through the pandemic

My household is made up of my four children ages 11,8,4 and 7 month old along with my husband and I. I stay home to take care of the kids while my he works. My husband works in landscaping, but his hours have been shortened more and more due to the pandemic. This has left us unable to catch up or pay rent. He has been trying to find work and was able to work twenty three days but his boss did not pay him for the work he did so now we are six months behind in rent. This situation has also caused me to rely on the assistance of friends to help pay bills like my phone bill.

Keeping my daddy safe..

I missed 3 weeks of work when it first started because of all the uncertainties. My father has severe asthma. He is also COPD. I care for him and was afraid I would catch it and bring it to him. He is already having a difficult time. My daughter is also asthmatic.I work as a transit driver for mentally and physically disabled individuals. Its impossible to not come in contact with them. Some dont understand that they must wear a mask and constantly takes it off. I transport individuals in wheelchairs and on walkers who need my hands on assistance.

#29 The Seniors Did What They Asked Of Them

Mr Angelo Perruccio comes to Boynton Beach from upstate New York with his wife (Faith).Mr Angelo was proud to share that his Granddaughter(from their daughter who died) will deliver twin boys in November. What delight that brought to their voices.The Perruccio’s says that the Seniors did what was asked of them. It appears that no other generations were listening to the Leadership following the rules in this pandemic They opened up everything now look what has happened!!!! The entire Palm Beach County is pretty much a hotspot! The Perrucio’s must be careful during this epidemic. They are both Lung Cancer Survivors.Give them assistance. They never ask for anything!!!!!

# 38 Mrs Green Says She Is Doing Her

Mrs Clara Green has been widowed for 35 years young. She has a vibrancy that will knock you off your feet! Mrs Green says that she is Doing Her at 76 years young! The Leadership opened the community too soon. And things are getting worse. Just take a look at Boynton beach a designated HOTSPOT!My advice is the Leadership should have allowed things to cool down.It is keeping the death toll on the rise.She has acquired a brand new lexus and she hasn’t driven it far at all, call her for a ride!Mrs Green has been widowed 35 years.

# 28 Our Hands Are Cuffed

Miss King is also a lifelong resident of Boynton Beach. Jackie had her house built next door to the home where she was raised. Her sister,Angela, lived in the family home(next door to hers) until 2018. Angela died in the home. Jackie is still reeling the affects of her sister’s death. You ,very seldom ,saw one without the other.Jackie volunteered with the CCC delivering Healthy Meals to seniors,visits them in nursing facilties and hospitals and Jackie is very passionate about the care and self-worth! Mrs King transports them to pick-up medication and grocery shopping.Jackie has two sons Selwyn(39) and Eric(45). Communities and leaders have ignored this pandemic. Our hands are cuffed .We can no longer go out to fellowship with those we would like to share love and attention . Mrs King could use help with her Electric and Water utilities.

# 27

Mr Percival Rowe is a 80 year old native of Jamaica. He and his wife Vinnette(59) live in a modest apartment in a hotspot in Boynton Beach. Mr Rowe says that the pandemic He doesn’t know if there will ever be a cure to this.Mr Rowe and Mrs Rowe still work for a living.i will take facial coverings by their residence.Any assistance given would be appreciated!

# 26 She has served her community well

Mrs Schley is lifelong resident of Boynton Beach and a proud ST Paul AME member whose Aunt sold the present property to the church for $10 in 1951.. She has also served in the pulpit as a Minister at ST Paul AME.Mrs Mildred lost her youngest child ,Vernell (37) in August 1996. She was left with 4 sons and 1 daughter. Mrs Schley has served her community well as a beautician(mine as a child),a paraprofessional at one of the local Elementary schools near her home. Mrs Mildred walked to work.When you heard her laughter you could point to her!Mrs Schley lives now with her daughter and son-in-law Jane and Roy Jackson as a result of the pandemic. Mrs Schley’s older son,Wayne(62) in the hospital recovering from open-heart surgery.

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It has impacted me in ways of not able to work, due to no school so therefore no one to keep my son while i work.