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The Kids

This has been crazy being stuck at home. I think my kids have had it hardest bc they can’t see their friends or really participate in any activities. The food distributions and community feedings have been awesome. It saves some money from the limited funds that are no longer coming in.


Mr lloyd sukhu is from bengali. He lives with his wife maywantie. Mr lloyd will be celebrating his 76th birthday september 28th.he and his family moved to boynton beach 20 years ago. He received a triple by pass about 3 years ago. He and his wife now babysit their beautiful grandboy with lots of humility. The suhku believe that his virus came as apunishment from the creator.


Mrs catherinr hinson is an 85 year old widow. She was diagnosed about 2 weeks ago as a-symptomatic for covid 19. She is a retired teacher and a proud graduate of an hbcu-bethune-cookman university. She has stood with many causes that have affected change in the black community. Hwe covid 19 respoonse is that it is real. Mrs hinson feels that she went out just a little too much. Her son,efrem,vows to do all errands until this pandemic is over.


Ms ponticello is a 73 year old recluse. She very seldom answer her door or phone. It is always a hit or miss with her. Today was a good day!Ms ponticello has had her chihuahua taken from her by the hoa after the dog attacked a resident. She is receiving meals from cdc senior meal program.she feels as though the pandemic has left us in a state of disbelief and not knowing where and who to turn. Ms jan is mow wondering when will this be over.

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Virginia bulger has been living in boynton beach all her life. She lives in the home of her mother where she was actually born some 83 years ago. She is a descendant of the bahamas. She has been a member of the church of god-boynton beach for life. She firmly believes that god has been angered and we need to abide and listen to him. There is not one thing that man can do or knows regarding this virus.


Mrs pearl is a 79 year old native of boynton beach. She has recently suffered the lost of her husband. She is a retired nurse and she says she is adjusting to living alone. The one thing mrs wilson would like to share with the younger generation. That it has not been easy at times being african-american when it comes to credit,housing,cars and jobs. She advises them to stay in school and get a decent education.


Mrs carol woodside is 82 years of age and she is from louisville,kentucky. She has lived in boynton beach for 19 years. Mrs woodside is scheduled to have a spinal fusion as soon as the hospitals open up for elective surgeries. Sh is fearful of exposure to covid19. She never thought about not being able to see her grands back in kentucky but due to covid she can.t. This is like jail!


Claretha light is has been in boynton beach since a little girl. She was raised by her father coming from georgia. She is a petite lady and is 84 years of age.she feels like this has been happening to blacks for as long as she can remember. The killings by cops is the new lynching,tar and feathering. I just don’t know if it will ever stop. We have been marching since martin luther king,jr. The youth of today,we have failed them! The youth are tired of promises not being fulfilled.


I am yvonne fisher. I didn’t think i would live to be 87 years of age. After battling covid19,a few months ago. I spent five(5) days at bethesda west. This virus still has me weak. Mrs fisher has lots of energy to burn. But due to covid19,she is temporarily using a walker for daily exercis. She is a fighter and she has many grandchildren to raise in new york. This lady was use to driving home to new york for family reunions.mrs fisher has a 31 year old chef for a grandson that lives in miami. He shops and prepares all her meals. I deliver a healthy lunch to mrs fisher on wednesday. She is dealing with diabetes and hypertension.


Mrs jean sliwa is a 79 years young. When i called her,she was just getting home from having wine with her friends. Mrs sliwa loves life! She says that what her mad is that while she takes daily walks at ocean park in boynton beach. She is approached by those that don’t think that mask are of importance. But,i do and they are endangering my life. With the black lives matters, i am appalled at the treatment that is handed down on people of color. It is very frustrating.