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Old school

The police said he grew up in clewston he said it was great they helped one another when you get into trouble from with your neighbor you get in trouble at home

Up from the muck

I was an escort for the elite community club. It had a huge impact on me to be connected with the community.


I never thought me growing up was so ruff for me. My mom and dad died in a car accident. I was raised by my grandparents raised me until they past away I been living from house to house in finish house still didn’t go off to college .


Once I seen somebody fall out. many walked by but it was one group that stopped to help.


Growing up in the projects poor , there wasn’t much in my community .

Helping earth other out

I grew up with my grandparents they was very old so they didn’t have much control of my brothers and I. We grew up not having much we had to work with what we got.

Humble Servant

Bring able to come back and give back to the community. Doing stuff for those who gave to me as a kid.