Vulnerable: --


Covid-19 affected my life by causing me to have a virtual graduation and have my football season end on the wrong foot. Because of this pandemic, I was not working out with my workout partner in the gym. It also scared me of my grand-parents life since they are in the age range.

Living through Covid

Covid has impacted my life a lot just from the cut down of work and trying to support two babies on my own my 1yr old was supposed to start school but it has been pushed back due to the virus and the school being closed so I had to pay a sitter to watch them their grandmother try to help me with them but she’s on dialysis and she can’t keep them as often. I’m a single mother who’s kids fathers was indicted just before this whole pandemic thing got out of hand he was a big help with the kids but once he was taking into custody it was just me I’ve been working to support my family as much as I can but once this pandemic rolled out I couldn’t do much and than I had the baby which my job doesn’t pay maternity leave so money that I had saved went towards my bill which forced me to go back to work earlier than what I should have been even with me having a C section and even than it was limited hours due to me working in a restaurant.

Tree Stump to a Palm Tree

Coronavirus has made a drastic effect on my life but I won’t allow it to defeat me. Earlier this year, I was overjoyed with the news of becoming a father. With my hands tied with school, college requirements, also football workouts; I knew I hand to make a stand for what was to come “my unborn child” . Sacrificing my studying and mental relaxation time, I went out to find a job. When sudden pandemic changes came into affect, I was devastated. My job shut us out and we didn’t know what day we would return. With little to no resources here in the glades area, My mind began to overfill with survival thoughts and what to do next. I began to pray and recite the many attributes I’ve carried with me all my life. “What god has for me, it is for me.”, “Just have faith the size of a mustard seed.” As the days went by, I spent my free time learning more about myself, like finding talents I didn’t know I had. Hidden talents including hydro dipping shoes and drawing custom pictures on pants. My talent not only became a small hustle for me but I was doing something I love. Social distancing has been hard for me because I am a social person and love hanging out with friends. Despite the many changes the pandemic has caused, I’m still standing tall and try to accomplish nothing less than greatness .

Education in the world

This virus scared me and helped me realize more is going on in the world than I know. It showed me I was unprepared for the change and the time. I experienced unemployment. It was not pleasant. The lesson I learned in life was I need to research what’s going on in the world and to be more responsible and cautious. I would consider the virus negative because of the horrible effects of it but I would also consider it positive because it is causing people to wake up and come together as a whole, while practicing social distancing.

Corona vs Humans

The Coronavirus Have Impacted My Life While I Was In College. Coronavirus Has Stopped My From Going To College For The Following Spring Semester. It Also Stopped Me From Running Track My First Year Of College. After They Sent Us Home It Was Hard To Find A Job. I Couldn’t Pay For My Phone Bill. I Couldn’t Workout With Friends Without Being Protected Because You Never Know Who Has It. Coronavirus Separated Me From My Friends And Family. It Has Cancelled All Vacation Plans I Wanted To Go To And Still Want To Go.

# 32 Mrs Moody Is 90 Years Young

Ms Moody id suffering with the onset of a cognitive impairment. She lives alone. And solely depends on the neighborhood and her church to get by. Ms Moody is 90 years young. She loves asisiting with Senior and Church gatherings.You can see her riding around her community on her scoote dsily as well as going to the local store.The pandemic she says stays its distance from her.Please assist this 90 year old jewel with Electric and Water.

# 34

Ms Carmen Cirillo is a 74 years young who is fluent in Spanish .However, She can communicate in English. Ms carmen has spent the last 17 years caring for her son’s daughter (17) and son(15).This has come to a halt with her 17 year old Granddaughter. The Granddaughter is expecting baby number 2 January 2021. She has an 18 month old. All though, they spent alot of time at Ms Carmen’s home. The Granddaughter and baby(18mos) live with the expectant Father.Ms Carmen goes grocery shopping once a month and anything else she needs her older daughter will get it for her. MS CIRILLO SAYS SHE HAS ADJUSTED TO THIS VIRUS BUT DOES KNOW HOW LONG.

# 28 Our Hands Are Cuffed

Miss King is also a lifelong resident of Boynton Beach. Jackie had her house built next door to the home where she was raised. Her sister,Angela, lived in the family home(next door to hers) until 2018. Angela died in the home. Jackie is still reeling the affects of her sister’s death. You ,very seldom ,saw one without the other.Jackie volunteered with the CCC delivering Healthy Meals to seniors,visits them in nursing facilties and hospitals and Jackie is very passionate about the care and self-worth! Mrs King transports them to pick-up medication and grocery shopping.Jackie has two sons Selwyn(39) and Eric(45). Communities and leaders have ignored this pandemic. Our hands are cuffed .We can no longer go out to fellowship with those we would like to share love and attention . Mrs King could use help with her Electric and Water utilities.

# 40 She Walks From the Front Door to the Back Door

Mrs Ovida Denson is 86 years young. Ms Ovida is a retired Teacher. She doesn’t go out for anything. Maurice Denson ,61,lives with his mother. And he is in charge of all errands.The City of Boynton Beach pool is named after her late husband .She says that she sits in the house daily with nothing but T.V. And She walks from the front door to her back door all day.The pandemic has will keep her from attending her beloved BCU alumni meetings,Retired Teacher’s Meetings and church.

#29 The Seniors Did What They Asked Of Them

Mr Angelo Perruccio comes to Boynton Beach from upstate New York with his wife (Faith).Mr Angelo was proud to share that his Granddaughter(from their daughter who died) will deliver twin boys in November. What delight that brought to their voices.The Perruccio’s says that the Seniors did what was asked of them. It appears that no other generations were listening to the Leadership following the rules in this pandemic They opened up everything now look what has happened!!!! The entire Palm Beach County is pretty much a hotspot! The Perrucio’s must be careful during this epidemic. They are both Lung Cancer Survivors.Give them assistance. They never ask for anything!!!!!