Vulnerable: The community is resilient

It Gets Better Later

The corona virus has impacted my life by ruining my senior year i couldn’t really enjoy school for the remaining of the year we didn’t have no senior prom , grad bash , And most importantly not even graduation. Corona virus even killed one of my close friend mom it was a devastating moment because it came out of no where and it was to late to even cherish the last moment we had with her . It continues to impact my life because the world has been caged in and it’s like you can’t enjoy life no more .

A husband needing assistance

Hello. My name is Leroy Merchant and I am a husband who’s wife (Fabiola) is currently battle a diagnosed of stage 4 ovarian and colon cancer and also raising two teenage boys. My mother suffered a stroke in June who also needs my help. Life took us for a ride back in October last year when my wife was diagnosed and my mother’s stroke. Then on March I became unemployed due to Covid19 and it has been a struggle not only before but became more in March, being home have giving me an opportunity to take care of my wife but right now we are struggling due to me not working. The bills are coming but unfortunately I’ve exhausted my checking and savings account. With my wife being out of work its been extremely hard. She started a new job and wasn’t there long enough to apply for unemployment. She applied for Social security benefits and was denied and trying to obtain assistance from the hospital seems to be going nowhere. At this time I am the only person who is able to take care of my wife and mom in regards to all hospital and Dr visits, she is currently getting treatments for chemo and that is weekly. During chemo she is extremely weak where I have to help her out of bed each morning, Assist with her daily meals, help with hygiene, prep and feed her all her meals etc.. Our teenage boys also help but its hard on them watching their mother struggle daily. I would love to work but unfortunately my place of employment is close until further notice. Please help us as we are two hard working people who is currently going through an extremely hard time. Thank you in advance for reading my story and hope we are able to get assistance.

Triple C

Only thing or way corona virus has effected me is by having me work from home which is harder for me because I lose focus but hopefully we can get a cure and everything opens back up

Not that bad

Corona has given me time to work on my game and the things I lacked, haven’t really affected me negatively besides not being in school

Free us

Corona has sat me and my twin brother at home this was supposed to be a big year for us both, I feel like they need to just let us go back to school because corona isn’t even thought of right now with all of this going on

Oh well

I’m happy this virus happened lol I’m sorry about the fatalities but I didn’t want to be at school and I don’t really hang around with my teammates, t the virus is the last thing we’re worried about now as we can see


I feel like corona is the least to be worried about right now, I am taking this time to prepare my body for when football comes back but I feel like racism is the main problem in today’s society

Half full (Story #798)

Corona virus has bought me closer to my family more than ever before, it cancelled my spring which sucked because I really wanted to prove myself to coach but it’s all good