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Trusting God through it all.

Corona virus has impacted my life for the bad as well as the good. I’ve been out of work twice and hours have been cut. Me being a felon makes it even harder due to jobs being limited which had me wondering how would I pay bills and take care of my responsibilities. Now I’m witnessing my little cousin who has asthma suffer greatly which is hurting my heart. Despite the bad that has occurred the one good thing that has happened to me, is me witnessing how good God is. He has shown me all I ever have to do is trust in Him and He will provide and make ways for me when all else seems impossible. I also was able to reevaluate myself with the time I had when I wasn’t working. I’ve made some changes that were needed and was unaware I even had. I’ve Had time to focus on my organization I plan on starting and was even able to do a lot of work around the house I normally wouldn’t have time for. Its scary with all those going on, anything can happen anytime to anyone but God is good and able.

It Gets Better Later

The corona virus has impacted my life by ruining my senior year i couldn’t really enjoy school for the remaining of the year we didn’t have no senior prom , grad bash , And most importantly not even graduation. Corona virus even killed one of my close friend mom it was a devastating moment because it came out of no where and it was to late to even cherish the last moment we had with her . It continues to impact my life because the world has been caged in and it’s like you can’t enjoy life no more .


Covid-19 affected my life by causing me to have a virtual graduation and have my football season end on the wrong foot. Because of this pandemic, I was not working out with my workout partner in the gym. It also scared me of my grand-parents life since they are in the age range.

Corona (Story #910)

Hello my name is Michelle Rhoden since Corona had came along I had been forced to leave my job to watch my grand baby my husband work all day and he manage to pay all bills for the house due to me having no income coming in I have a hard time paying for things that we need for the house baby clothes and diapers. I would love to be able to help my husband out for our household I have no help from my daughter what’s so ever.

My Family and Our Health

The positive that came out of the pandemic was the family bonding I had with my 1, 2, and 17 year old kids. The negative thing that came out of the corona virus was unemployment, living paycheck to paycheck, no money coming in to support my family or provide decent safety for them. Unemployment is not enough to feed 6 people in the household. I am also a victim of unemployment, since most of all the schools are closed and am in fear of my safety of going out in the medical field.

Education in the world

This virus scared me and helped me realize more is going on in the world than I know. It showed me I was unprepared for the change and the time. I experienced unemployment. It was not pleasant. The lesson I learned in life was I need to research what’s going on in the world and to be more responsible and cautious. I would consider the virus negative because of the horrible effects of it but I would also consider it positive because it is causing people to wake up and come together as a whole, while practicing social distancing.


The pandemic has cost me my job. It has made life difficult to provide for my two daughters. One that is a college student and one that is a rising senior. The Virus made life difficult because of the many bills and the shortage of money/food coming in for my family. It is also negative because many jobs are scarce because of COVID-19.

surviving covid-19

The corona has impacted me and my family because my husband hours was cut less money coming in to help pay for bills and financial payments. I was also in school to get my high school diploma but due to the virus i needed to lay off from school


Ms. Kayleen Marti lives in Boynton Beach. She is 37 years old. Kayleen has a 2 year old son. He is very active.Ms Marti takes care of her older her neighbors.Kayleen is a graduate of FCC in cosmetology. She hasn’t taken the licensed yet.Ms Marti says she doesn’t have adequate childcare.She earns extra money by cleaning others homes on Monday and Friday. Ms Marti is very conscientious of the pandemic and she pratice social distancing.Kayleen Marti needs assistance with her ELECTRIC and WATER.

# 35 I Would Buy The Movie Tickets And They Would Buy The Popcorn

Ms Cleveta Robinson is a 73 year old single woman with a strong constitution. She is a native of Jamaica. Cleveta says she is following the rules for this pandemic. She has been COVID-19 tested Mrs Robinson says that she has warned her family members about the impact of this pandemic and hopes that they take heed. Mrs Robinson enjoys early morning walks and hearing the birds sing. Although, Cleveta would enjoy some romance in her life, She says I would buy the movie tickets and they would buy the popcorn,NOT GOOD!SHE COULD USE ASSISTANCE WITH HER ELECTRIC AND WATER.