Who my story is about: My community

Education vs Corona

The corona virus has mostly impacted the way my daughter is learning. I feel like because I work a lot I am unable to give her the proper education she needs and it bothers me a lot.

I’m Trying Times Don’t Quit Trying

In everything give thanks. I am at risk because of my age and thank god not because I have a medical conditions. One thing I miss is going out to dinner. I ate out at least 3 times a week. I also miss the children at the school where I volunteer. Now, I will share a story. The following week after the Pandemic started there were 3 little boys that knocked on my door this was around 8:30 pm on a Thursday night and asked if I would give them some food. I recognized them from the community but I was not familiar with the family. I gave the little boys a bag of chips, a pack of cookies and a sip up. (I have grands). The boys started coming 3 to 4 times a week I decided to ask for their parents phone number. I introduced myself. The parents were very grateful. Now, I have adopted 6 snack recipients . I am so happy with the gift god has given to me to serve children.This to shall pass and I will continue to serve. There is a reason and a season for everything. Thank you

Covid Change

I now have to teach my students through virtual schooling. I miss being with them and seeing them daily.

Surviving online learning during Lockdown 2020

When we think of fortune, we think of massive wealth, treasure hunts, gold mines, and fantastic hordes of gems and jewels. But this year, my idea of fortune is how I am feeling right now, today. Yesterday, I submitted final grades for my four classes of Speech Communication with 110 students. Also, I completed editing my roomie’s book on graceful aging.Today, I feel accomplished, relieved, and euphoric that, during a pandemic, I am still earning a living by doing what I love. I enjoy teaching young people how to communicate impactfully. In my classes, people age 16 to 50 learn three things:Critical thinkingCritical listeningOutlining and References in APA StyleNow, that looks like a shortlist for a college course. But ask my students if it is that simple. They will tell you it is not.So, I’m feeling accomplished because I managed to pull 90% of my students through the switch to online learning, once the lockdown caused our school to close. Of 110 students, seven dropped the course before the lockdown. Nine failed the course because they gave up due to technical difficulties. Perhaps, they did not have a computer or laptop. They may not have WiFi or an internet connection. They could have children at home and not be able to concentrate on schoolwork. There are a plethora of reasons why 16 students did not get through my Speech Communication course.On the bright side, of the 94 students who made it through, there were:44 As or 40%28 Bs or 25%14 Cs or 18%8 Ds or 7%10% of my 110 students this semester either dropped before or after the lockdownI am off for 18 days. I will teach this course over the summer in three classes. Two are 12 weeks and one is six weeks. My challenge is to revert back to my lesson plans for shorter courses since the Fall and Spring terms were 16 weeks long. The fortune is that I taught this class in ONE month at three other schools. So, my real goal is to relax and enjoy my time off.Stay well and enjoy a Happy Springtime!


My job was making things and product hands on THATS how I was making money by making clothes and plenty other things but less movement and stores clothes less money


The virus impacted my time working with class of 2020 and also 2021 athlete by training them before they went off to school and also coming into there freshman year of high school

Corona vs bills

It impacts my life with my bill without my job I have to find away to pay all my bills that’s the point of me getting a job to pay bill

Elderly not forgotten

I am grateful and appreciative for the support of community in ensuring that the elderly are taken care of. Meals are delivered several times a week by various individuals. Neighbors are calling to offer encouragement and comfort. This is specially needed because some elderly ones live aloneOr no longer have relatives leaving nearly by or because of social distancing to care for their needs.


They are a lot of people with out job, food they need help please